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San Diego House of Hungary Presents Harvest Dinner Party (Szüreti Bál)

DATE: Saturday, October 12, 2019, 7 PM

The San Diego House of Hungary invites you and your friends to our annual Harvest Dinner with great music, dance party and delicious Hungarian dishes, and the Varga Vineyard's fantastic wine selections.

Music by: Józsi Baki

Wine by: Varga Vineyard


Live Music and Dance
Raffle Prizes


Marhapörkölt gombával - Beef Stew with Mushrooms
Vajas Burgonya - Butter Roasted Potatoes
Savanyúság - Pickles

Vegetarian Menu:
Gombapörkölt - Mushroom Stew
Vajas Burgonya - Butter Roasted Potatoes
Savanyúság - Pickles

One glass of wine is included with dinner.

Buy your tickets online by clicking on "Buy Tickets" on the top of this event or click on this link: https://sdmagyar.org/events/harvest-dinner-szureti-bal/

San Diego

Lucy Kosty, RH'21

My whole life I felt like we were missing pieces to our Hungarian heritage. The only things passed down through the generations were the food and some family stories. After this trip, I feel like I got to fill in those gaps. I have a better sense of what it means to be Hungarian-American and I feel a stronger connection to my great grandfather.

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Madison Jones, RH'19

I got a more thorough experience of Hungarian culture than if I would have traveled by myself...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is an exceptional opportunity to discover aspects of your past...

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