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Our next birthright trip will be from July 29 - August 12, 2021.

Applications are open from January 25 until May 4, 2021.

While here in the US things seem to be moving forward well enough regarding the Corona-19 virus and travel, in Hungary they are having issues with vaccine distribution. They are addressing the set back and they do plan to be in a positive place later in the summer. For safety reasons and for general accessibility we are moving the departure date forward to July 29th to ensure that the majority of venues will be open for us to visit when we arrive.

The following is a breakdown of the 2021 ReConnect Hungary trip dates:
ReConnect Hungary:
Departure from NYC - July 29, 2021
Arrival Budapest        - July 30th
Departure Budapest - August 12, 2021
Arrival NYC                  - August 12th
ReConnect Transylvania:
Departure from Budapest - August 12, 2021
Arrival Kolozsvar                  - August 12 (short 1-hour flight)
Departure Kolozsvar            - August 19
Arrival Budapest                   - August 19

One extra night in Budapest on August 20th for National Holiday.
Departure Budapest - August 21, 2021
Arrival NYC                  -August 21st
The application period has also been moved forward to May 4, 2021.
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Lucy Kosty, RH'21

My whole life I felt like we were missing pieces to our Hungarian heritage. The only things passed down through the generations were the food and some family stories. After this trip, I feel like I got to fill in those gaps. I have a better sense of what it means to be Hungarian-American and I feel a stronger connection to my great grandfather.

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Madison Jones, RH'19

I got a more thorough experience of Hungarian culture than if I would have traveled by myself...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is an exceptional opportunity to discover aspects of your past...

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