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Help us meet our $50,000 fundraising goal!

We are launching an emergency fundraising campaign for ReConnect Hungary’s Hungarian Birthright Program and we need your support!

We are asking you to help us meet a $50,000 fundraising goal as our enthusiastic, carefully selected program participants embark on this year’s birthright trip and we can continue to operate the Hungarian Birthright Program.

The unprecedented hardships brought on by the pandemic during the last 15 months have had a devastating financial and programming impact on all non-profit organizations, including our own. Nonetheless, during the past year we launched innovative, exciting programming, including a variety of live and taped Hungarian Master Classes that were made available to alumni, friends and supporters. We maintained our ReConnected Participants Alumni Network and initiated a number of new projects, including our "Hungarian Treasures" challenge, the "Culinary Flight to Budapest" event and the Hungarian Festival, to name a few.

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Despite these successes, our ability to raise funds, publicize our mission and conduct our core program were impeded during the last year. An emergency infusion of $50,000 will allow us to fill the temporary gap in our budget and continue offering ReConnect Hungary’s life-changing birthright experience.

ReConnect Hungary is much more than an incomparable, curated two-week cultural immersion trip: it is an investment in nurturing the next generation of Hungarian-American and Hungarian-Canadian thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals. Presently, many of our alumni are in Hungary, where they continue to work, study, research, intern and otherwise deepen Hungarian connections that can be traced to their Reconnect Hungary experiences.

We are committed to the continuation of the ReConnect Hungary Hungarian Birthright Program and we hope you will help us meet the unprecedented financial challenge we are facing. We kindly ask you to donate according to your means and to help us get the word out to friends, corporations and organizations so that together we can make this campaign a success.




Lucy Kosty, RH'21

My whole life I felt like we were missing pieces to our Hungarian heritage. The only things passed down through the generations were the food and some family stories. After this trip, I feel like I got to fill in those gaps. I have a better sense of what it means to be Hungarian-American and I feel a stronger connection to my great grandfather.

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Madison Jones, RH'19

I got a more thorough experience of Hungarian culture than if I would have traveled by myself...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is an exceptional opportunity to discover aspects of your past...

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