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Want to help make a life-changing difference in the life of a young Hungarian American?

You can, by providing the Reconnect Hungary experience as the gift for that milestone in their lives: a special birthday, high school or college graduation, or for getting that first job or promotion. Reconnect Hungary will impact your entire family and community as the participant grows in understanding and appreciation of his/her roots, where the family came from, and how culture, tradition and heritage are vital to self-discovery and a successful future.


Do you know why it's important to support Reconnect Hungary? Alex, 2016 ReConnected Participant explains:


Here are some additional ideas on how you can support Reconnect Hungary, and for candidates who might need some extra help in making their dream of participating in the Program a reality:

  • Enroll in your company’s Matching Gifts program if it has one.
  • Shop at and select Hungarian Human Rights Foundation as you charity. The Program will receive .05 percent of all eligible purchases you make.
  • Plan a party for family and friends in your home or favorite venue to benefit ReConnect Hungary and/or sponsor your journey. Restaurants such as 99, Uno’s and Panera Bread make it very easy for you to organize an event and will donate a percentage to your selected non-profit.
  • Ask family and friends to give you the gift of Reconnect for your birthday, graduation or other milestone.
  • Many organizations set aside scholarship money annually, which often goes unused. These include: Elks, Rotary, Lions, and Kiwanis Clubs; Parent Teacher Associations, and local Hungarian churches and clubs.
  • Send a letter or email to your friends, family members, business contacts or holiday lists, asking them to support the program and/or sponsor your journey. Explain your desire to participate in ReConnect. (Download this sample letter to get an idea).

Lucy Kosty, RH'21

My whole life I felt like we were missing pieces to our Hungarian heritage. The only things passed down through the generations were the food and some family stories. After this trip, I feel like I got to fill in those gaps. I have a better sense of what it means to be Hungarian-American and I feel a stronger connection to my great grandfather.

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Madison Jones, RH'19

I got a more thorough experience of Hungarian culture than if I would have traveled by myself...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is an exceptional opportunity to discover aspects of your past...

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