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I don't speak any Hungarian. Am I eligible for ReConnect Hungary? Will I enjoy it?
Absolutely! The program is designed especially for second, third, fourth (and beyond) generation Hungarian-Americans who do not speak Hungarian.

My ancestry is only distantly Hungarian, do I qualify? How do I demonstrate my Hungarian background?
Yes! The program is designed for those who want to rediscover their Hungarian self while building connections to family, traditions and community, both local and global. In the video essay portions of your application you will be asked to tell us about what you know about your family's background, as well as of your Hungarian experiences so far, if any. This is enough to demonstrate your ancestry.

What is the cost of the program and what does it cover?
The out-of-pocket cost for you, a selected participant, is $2,100. The scholarship is funded by the organizers, individual and corporate sponsors, and a grant from the Government of Hungary.

Basically everything is covered! Roundtrip airfare and taxes between New York and Budapest; all transportation to/from airports in New York and Budapest; all accommodations while in Hungary; three meals a day while in Hungary (we provide only breakfast on the free weekend); guides in Hungary; transportation in our own bus throughout Hungary; all entrance fees to museums and historical sites; the pre-trip online course; and lunch and orientation in New York.

You will need to cover travel to/from New York City and spending money. You will have to arrange your own health/travel/extra baggage insurance and passport.

Do you need help covering the cost? Family and friends can give the trip as your birthday, graduation or holiday present. There are also creative ways for you to raise funds for your trip.

I've already been to Hungary, can I still participate in ReConnect?
It depends. The program is designed for young Americans and Canadians of Hungarian background who have never been to Hungary so that they can rediscover their roots. If you were born in Hungary but left before age 12, you are eligible for ReConnect Hungary. If you are not eligible, there are other ways to get involved and support the program: mentoring, joining us on Facebook and FUNdraising are but a few opportunities. Any monetary donations are tax deductible.

I'd like to sponsor a participant's trip. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Just download this form and make a donation by check to "Hungarian Human Rights Foundation" and in the memo: "Reconnect Hungary 2023". Please mail it to: Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, 120 East 90th Street #5D, New York, NY 10128, or make a secure online donation! All donations are tax deductible.

Who are the organizers? 
ReConnect Hungary - Hungarian Birthright Program is organized by the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in New York, established in 1976. The Program is a public-private partnership supported by Hungarian-American and Canadian organizations and the Government of Hungary.

How are participants selected?
ReConnect Hungary is a unique cultural immersion program. As such, the number of participants per trip is limited to ensure an optimal experience. After meeting eligibility requirements, participants will be selected on a first-come basis and on the strength of their recommendations, essays and interviews. Your percentage of Hungarian ancestry is not a factor! Final selections will be subject to a phone interview with the ReConnect Hungary team. Participants selected for the trip will be informed by email. Completing the Essentials of Hungary: A Primer and Introduction Online Course is a prerequisite for final acceptance. 

What are the steps in the Program?
You need to apply by the deadline. Our next birthright trip will be from July 14 to July 28, 2023. Applications are open from early December until March 10, 2023. We are moving forward cautiously in regards to global travel, but we are hopeful that by the time we depart airline travel will be normal again. Once selected, you will need to pay the $2,100 fee. In May 2023, you complete the online course and group assignment. You go on the trip and afterwards fulfill your alumni obligations. To apply, you need to meet the eligibility requirements, fill out an application, pay a $25 application fee online and submit supporting documents.

What happens after the trip?
Your journey to rediscovering your Hungarian self continues when you return to the U.S./Canada. You become a member of the Reconnected Participants community. As such, you will be required to continue your volunteer activity and fulfill your selected task force responsibilities. Choose at least one alumni obligation (such as take Hungarian language courses, study in Hungary, seek Hungarian citizenship, form an on-campus Hungarian club, promote ReConnect Hungary in various ways).

What constitutes completing the program?
- Volunteering at a Hungarian-American/Canadian organization.
- Completing the Essentials of Hungary: A Primer and Introduction Online Course, participating in at least one moderated chat session on current-day topics in Hungary, and actively contributing to your group presentation.
- Taking the birthright trip. 
Blog in the Community section (participants' post) of the website and post updated testimonials.
- Completing at least one individual activity (see Terms & Conditions for complete listing) that grows the program and/or your Hungarian knowledge. These include having an article or interview with you published in a local paper or social media site, or broadcast on local radio/TV; referring 2 applicants for the 2022 program who are accepted; organizing a local meet-up; getting a business sponsor for the Program; organizing a ReConnect Hungary fundraising event; completing the coursework for at least one year in a Hungarian language class.

What if I need to cancel?
If you have to cancel after having paid, but up to 120 days before departure, we will retain a $300 administrative fee and refund you the $1,800. Cancellations within 120 days prior to departure will result in forfeiture of the entire $2,100 you paid for the program.